My Works

A small selection of my favorite design works, featuring projects I’ve done in the last couple of years.

About me

I am Zlatko Najdenovski – a web entrepreneur, living and working in Skopje, Macedonia.

A photo of myself

I have been building web products since 2005. In the beginning I was able to obtain first-hand experience with front-end development, but as time passed by my artistic skills prevailed, so I slowly shifted toward the visual side of things.

What I find myself most confident in is taking ideas on paper and transforming them into elegant and effective user interfaces, whether that be a simple brochure website or a complex web application. I do have my dry periods though, when my creative juices are squeezed. That would be the perfect time for incubating ideas for new and fresh web endeavors.

My working philosophy consists of simplifying the message and having a categorical mind-set while doing so, and I do find it best when I get the same in return. My clients are usually looking for a plug-and-play contractor, someone who can jump in and start working on a project without spending too much days in meetings. The reason I stay small allows me precisely that. I can focus better, be more efficient and creative while working on the task at hand. That makes me big, but small, or is it small, but big?

While I do freelancing, I’m also using my spare time reading and researching variety of subjects; sometimes exploring general design principles, sometimes going deep into abstract philosophical thoughts. Oh, from time to time I play the piano as well. I Just thought you should know this.

Contact me

I’m eager to talk over any ideas or projects that you have in mind.

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